Who controls the images and stories that define the people and cultures of the world?

I use the concepts of identity and community as a way to study and deconstruct, ideas of beauty, value, and reciprocity. Additionally I examine how identity and community form the basis of human interactions and social systems. I scrutinize preconceived notions and stereotypes, and when if ever, they are valid. A key point of reflection is examining how identity is both a performance as well as a set of characteristics.  This analysis extends to examining who controls the images and media that define people and cultures globally, in a time that is defined by ease of access to information and user generated and disseminated media. Social and community engagement is therein a crucial element of my work. Both artistic and anthropological research further informs my creative process.

My work is interdisciplinary, using the medium and platform, best suited for each idea. I create photographs, videos, sculptures, performances, and multi-media works, all of which intend to highlight our personal investment in the identities we create for ourselves, and others. I am invested in how those identities impact our understanding and engagement with other people interpersonally and on a societal level, as well as in humanity’s past, present and future.

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